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The romance of fly fishing

Mention fly fishing and many people conjure up images of an angler in waders standing in a beautiful stream, casting a fly out to risingtrout in the dim light of late afternoon. I have done it, and it’s terrific. Here in Sarasota, the environment is a little different but thatexperience can be just as magical. And that really sums up fly fishing, it is all about the total experience.

Fly fishing is a little more difficult and challenging than spin fishing, that is one of the aspects that makes it enjoyable and satisfying to those who love the sport. However, fly fishing need not be intimidating or really very complicated. In spin fishing, the weight of the lure or bait is used to cast out a fair distance, the line keeps the lure tethered to the reel. In fly fishing, the fly weighs next to nothing, the weight is in the line. So, the line is actually cast out and the fly follows behind. It really is that simple.

Sarasota fly fishing charters can be as challenging as the angler desires. Many of my charters cater to the novice and casual fly fisher. Long, accurate casts are not required, if a client can throw forty feet of line (which he or she will be able to after a short lesson with me) they can catch saltwater fish. I most often target the deep flats where quite a variety of gamefish live and fee d, and most will readily take a fly. Speckled trout, bluefish, Spanish mackerel, jack crevelle, ladyfish and other species are commonly caught in Sarasota Bay.

Anglers with a little more experience will enjoy the challenge of catching a snook on fly. Creeks, rivers, and backwater areas are prime spots in the winter, while sight casting to snook on the beach is world-class sport in the summertime. In the spring and again in the fall we experience a run o f the pelagic species off of the Sarasota beaches. Under ideal conditions, the fly fishing can be fantastic! Spanish mackerel and false albacore are the primary targets, but king mackerel, cobia, sharks, and even tarpon are possibilities.

River fly fishing trips are perfect for t he client who appreciates nature and seeks quiet and solitude while experiencing magnificent scenery. Competing fishermen will be plentiful, however they will all be sporting feathers or thick reptilian hides! Both the Myakka River and the Manatee River offer great fly fishing opportunities for hand-sized bluegill, largemouth bass, catfish, exotics such as tilapia, and saltwater species including snook, jack crevelle, and redfish.

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   Enjoy a day Fly fishing in Sarasota...
                                      make a lifetime memory!

Sarasota fly fishing .com is a site for anglers who’s pastime and passion is fly fishing. Sarasota offers an incredible range of fly fishing opportunities and adventures, from hand sized bluegill to giant tarpon, all in a convenient and friendly small city environment. Along with the terrific fly fishing, Sarasota fly fishermen will enjoy some beautiful natural scenery and view many forms of wildlife seen nowhere else in the country.

All charters include water, soft drinks, snacks, and a cooler with ice. 6 hour and 8 hour trips include a sandwich.

I have been a professional fishing guide since 1991, and am fully insured and licensed.

I run most of my Sarasota fly fishing charters out of a 20’ Key West bay boat. It will float shallow enough to get into small creeks and flats while providing a soft and comfortable ride to and from the fishing spots.

All of my fly fishing tackle is Orvis and will be furnished, although clients are certainly welcome to bring along their own equipment. I tie most of my own flies, but again, clients are encouraged to bring their own creations. I understand that fooling a fish on a fly that you created and tied is part of the magic of fly fishing.

Novice fly fishermen are most welcome, as are the more seasoned anglers. If they so desire, beginners will get a casting lesson from shore before we head out. Anglers fishing with me will enjoy the fly fishing experience in a fun, friendly, unpressured environment.

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