Sarasota Fly Fishing Charters

Inshore GULF Fishing

In the spring and fall, we are fortunate enough to have pelagic species migrate close to shore in the Gulf of Mexico.  Spanish
mackerel and false albacore are the most abundant game fish, but other species will also take a well-placed fly, including tripletail, cobia, king mackerel, and sharks.

This is truly world class fly fishing. When conditions are right, which means an east wind and clear water, schools of Spanish mackerel and false albacore will be ravaging schools of helpless baitfish on the surface right off of the Sarasota beaches.  An eight pound Albie will have you deep into the backing in seconds! Spanish mackerel average two pounds, but grow to seven pounds, are less fussy than the false albacore and are great sport on a seven weight rod.  Ladyfish, jacks, and bluefish will also be encountered “out on the beach”, feeding on the hordes of available bait fish.

Small glass minnows patterns, Ultra-hair Clousers, and white D.T. Specials are the flies of choice.

In may giant tarpon invade the beaches on their spawning migration.  Sight casting to hundred pound fish with a fly is a rare opportunity.  Landing a tarpon on fly is the ultimate chalenge; it isn't for everyone but can result in the fish of a lifetime!  

Cost: $450 for 6 hours, 1 or 2 anglers.